If you need somewhere for a business meeting ...

Achilleion is the place for you!

The Achilleion all-day bar restaurant is the ideal venue for business meetings. Promote your business’ interests in pleasing, friendly surroundings, amid modern décor, in our easily accessible venue. Our staff are genuinely polite, so no matter what you try -coffee, food, dessert or a drink- you’re bound to enjoy it.

Anyhow, it’s widely accepted that all successful business deals are preceded by an excellent meal, and usually all noteworthy agreements are sealed with a glass of good wine.

All of Achilleion’s rooms are available to meet your needs. Our top class infrastructure also means we can host company get-togethers, business dinners and other similar prestigious events.

Meeting friends?

Achilleion is the place for you!

Coffee is a Greek’s most loyal friend and a key part of our culture. Whether you enjoy it sweet or bitter, frappé or Freddo, or Greek coffee or cappuccino, it’s a daily habit to be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends and loved ones.

The Achilleion all-day bar restaurant is one of the most popular meeting places in central Athens, where you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it, savour our dreamy dishes and recipes from around the globe and unwind as you sip a refreshing cocktail.

... or even get up dance and have a party. On winter nights, we often organise events and parties on our mezzanine floor with well-known DJs so guests can party into the early hours!

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